don't waste it

Hey there everyone. Today I started school my junior year of high school. What? This is crazy. I feel like summer just started… heck I feel like high school just started. I’m not exactly sure where the time goes, but I do know it goes there really quickly. For this reason, I’ve made a pact with myself to maintain a positive attitude this year about school and everything else for that matter. Life is too short to be miserable five out of seven days of my life for the next two years. Something that’s really popular with teenagers is hating everything, and that’s the one thing that I hate. Therefore, it is my goal to be the opposite of that. Sure, learning isn’t always fun, and rules aren’t always fun, but I am so blessed to be able to go to a school where I can talk about Jesus and learn about Jesus and sing about Jesus freely. So why would I try to find the little things to hate instead of focusing on the huge things to love? Why wouldn’t I try my very hardest to love the people God has put me with every day instead of wishing I was somewhere else?

Some of you may already know this, but last year I almost moved schools. I was so discontent with where I was… all I did was find the things to dislike. I hated all the rules, the fact that there’s only 60 kids in my entire grade, mean girls, classes… and the list goes on. I was inches away from abandoning ship when one of the teachers who I admire so much from where I go to school told me, “If you’re discontent here, you’re going to be discontent anywhere. This is a heart issue, not a school issue.” I’ll admit that kind of made me mad at first, but there is so much truth to this. I realized I just had my head in the wrong place and my priorities all wrong. The fact is, whether I liked it or not, God had me in the school I was in, with the people I was in it with, for a very specific reason. I was just choosing to fight the Lord instead of walking down this path with him. We are the lights of the world! If we, the lights, are complaining and carrying a dark cloud with us wherever we go, what kind of impact is that going to make in the kingdom of God?

Life is too short to wish you were somewhere else. You are where you are for a reason, so please don’t let the time go by and regret not appreciating the opportunities you have to share the joy of the Lord with everyone you come in contact with.

I have shared this verse before on my blog… probably more than once… but here it is again. I’m not sorry. 😉

“Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have.” Philippians 4:11

With love,