For my dad

Hey guys. So this blog post is going to be a little different. If you can’t handle hearing my shpeal about how great my dad is, click away before it’s too late cause I’m comin atcha like a wrecking ball. If you know me, you know of Paul and Ann. You probably know of Ann as my adorably petite baby of a mother who likes to warn me about dangerous predators and take away my candles because fire is bad. She’s also really cool sometimes and did all my laundry yesterday, so shoutout to you, little annie. Love ya, gf. There’s a lot to say about that one, but now is not the time or place. Mother’s Day is Sunday, so she will get her moment. I guess I talk about Annie more than Paul because she’s pretty funny to talk about and all I can ever say about my dad is “he’s the smartest man I’ve ever met.” But there are a whole lot of things about my dad that I love and admire, and I just kind of feel like sharing some of those right now.

Dad is a pharmaseutical scientist. If you don’t know what that is, don’t even sweat it because let’s be honest I don’t either. When people ask me, I just say he tests drugs on rats because that’s all I know of that place. I know that he wears a lab coat and teaches graduate students who “think they know everything,” but I don’t really think I could handle much more detail because yeah science. All I really know about his job is it fits his little personality so well, because he is so smart and so scientific and so detailed and thoughtful in every single thing he says or does. When I was younger, every single day he would say some word I didn’t understand, and every single day I would tell him to stop saying things I didn’t understand, and every single day he would whip out his iPhone, pull out his favorite app (of course it’s the dictionary) and read me the definition of the word he just said. Usually he would use it in a sentence too, for good measure. This doesn’t happen as often now, but I would be lying to say it doesn’t happen often. 

So he’s a smart guy, yes. We’ve established that much, but let’s take it a step further. There’s a huge different between being smart and being wise, and my dad is fortunate enough to be both. Sure, a ton of people are at Ivy league schools right now studying to be the next Einstein or president of the United States. A ton of people are smart. But I’m sure that if you had a really deep impending question about something you were struggling with, you would get different answers from all of them, and I’d bet you most of them wouldn’t be wise answers. Wisdom is a God-given gift from those who ask for it. All I know is, my dad must have asked incessantly because he is the wisest man I know. He just has such a incredible perspective on life. He has been through a crazy amount of turmoil and tribulation, but I rarely ever hear him talk about it, and if I do it’s because he is using his past to teach me something. He is the most selfless person in the world, and I can’t even believe that he has given life to someone like me, who is admittedly selfish way more often than she would like to be. The thing is, because I have my dad as an example, I know when I’m being selfish. Maybe sometimes I am, but even then I realize it because he has set this crazy selfless standard of living for me and my brothers. He doesn’t get enough credit for that, but he is absolutely one-hundred percent living his life for everyone but himself. This is just one of the things about my dad that I wish to have one day.

So we’ve decided that my dad is the smartest, wisest, and most selfless person that I know. Cool. Now let’s talk about the most important thing. My daddy loves Jesus with his whole heart and soul and mind. You guys know that Jesus is every single thing to me, and I am so thankful that I have the joy of the Lord now. But I didn’t always. My parents raised me in an incredibly godly environment, and I can’t even imagine how my life would be if they hadn’t. When i say incredibly godly environment, I mean we went to church on Sunday mornings, Sunday nights, and Wednesday nights, prayed together before every meal, and prayed together before we went to sleep at night. For a little period of time there I have to admit that I resented them a little bit for it. I mean, okay guys I get wanting to hear about Jesus on Sundays… once on Sundays… but twice on Sundays and then another night during the week? Are you kidding me with this? Of course, it was at times I felt like this that I needed to be there the most. I look back now at the way my father disciplined me and continues to discipline me (because I may have a lot of you fooled, but I am far from the perfect child) and I just am brought to tears by how thankful I am that God gave me such wonderful parents who love Him enough to do every single thing that they could to make sure that I know just how much God loves me. I know that my dad loves me so much, because he has spent every waking moment of my life teaching me in both his actions and his words that Jesus loves me more. 

 I wrote this because today my dad and I had a really good talk about some really hard decisions I’m having to make, and I was just brought to tears by my thankfulness that I have my daddy. I just realized how much I take him for granted. I encourage all of you to tell your dad or your mom or whoever it is that you are taking for granted that you love them, and tell them why. Life is too short not to. Life is only a vapor, so don’t let your vapor disappear without telling another vapor how much it means to you. 

I love all of you and I hope you have a fantastic day. 


p.s.- hey dad, it’s 12:29 AM don’t be mad at me because I know I’m supposed to be sleeping but this was more important than sleep. Or studying for Biology. You feel me, dog?

I love you, daddy.Image