goodmorning, sunshine

Hello friends! Wow September was a blur, and I didn’t get to write to my loved ones. Sad day. I have been so so busy and so so tired that I can’t really organize my thoughts long enough to write them down. But here I am, 11:42 pm, determined to tell you what Jesus has told me. YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS CLAIRE. (I may or may not be drinking coffee. What is school?) But really, I have missed slowing down and writing down what  I have learned, because honestly if no one else reads this, taking the time to sit and reflect on God’s goodness and His word is a beautiful thing that I need to make more time for.  Anyways, enough about me, let’s get down to business.

“Brothers, do not grow weary in doing good.” I Thessalonians 3:14

So guys, life is hard, am I right? And yes, life is great and wonderful, but sometimes when you get too much great and wonderful it begins to seem monotonous and dreadful and you just get tired. I am the queen of no sleep (and let me also say God bless Adderall and coffee for helping me through the first nine weeks of junior year. Couldn’t have done it without you guys) and I definitely know what it feels like to be weary. We are going to have days where we could easily lie down on the floor of Chemistry class and sleep for a good 8 hours, and that’s okay. But sometimes when we are tired and can barely think straight we forget to think about others. The devil is constantly attacking us, and I honestly believe that he hits us the hardest when our minds are not sharp and our defenses are down. Isn’t this the best strategy for any opponent: to strike when the enemy is least expecting it? He hits us all in different ways, but I think a really huge one is making us selfish when we are tired. I am so very guilty of being a completely different person when I’ve had 5 hours of sleep verses 7 hours. And guys, that is wrong. That is not what we are called to be! Maybe I’m not rude to others when I am tired, but I will be honest in saying that I don’t always show the joy of the Lord when I’m too tired to pick up a pencil. And yeah, we naturally want to defend ourselves and say “give yourself a break you’ve had a rough week,” but that’s exactly what Satan wants. He’s whispering lies in our ears and they sound so convincing, but they are ugly and they are untrue. We don’t get off days. May we NEVER tire in doing good. What if your off day is the day someone else sees you and wonders what the difference between you and the next guy is? Someone needs the hope that we have, so let us never be so caught up in ourselves that we forget to smile and ask someone how their day has been. Again, I’m writing this because God has convicted me of this lately. I’ve been sick and tired of being sick and tired, and forgotten to look up at the souls that surround me every single day. Maybe this applies to you, and maybe it doesn’t, but nonetheless- let us all live in the hope of Christ and never forget that Jesus has saved us and we are free.

I love you guys, thank you so much for reading!

With love,

Clairey-P (this is what they call me on the streets)