It’s All In The Details

Hello beautiful people. I’m reporting from the wonderful world of Gulf Shores beach snuggled up with a blanket on the couch, listening to the sound of a friend strumming the guitar, taking in the scent of spaghetti in process while gazing at palm trees out the window. This is quite literally my happy place. Today, we had some quality beach time, quality conversations, and quality coffee. I’ve been really thankful for the details today. The little things. Like the smell of the ocean and the saltwater taste on my lips. The bare feet on concrete and the sing-alongs in the car. We do these big things, like go on vacation, so that we can create little memories. Isn’t it funny how all of our memories are really just made up of little details that made those moments stick with us?

Details are the little things that make up all the great, big things.

Here comes an awkward transition to fashion. It may seem like less of a big deal, but isn’t it nice to know that the creator of the things you wear paid attention to every little detail? That’s what you get from Made.

This lovely necklace is from Made, a company started by Stacy McDonald. She mines and crafts all of these lovely pieces of jewelry from start to finish, and they sure are beautiful. She handles every little detail, people.

As well as being an awesome statement piece, this particular necklace can be worn multiple ways. Loop it through once for a long chain, or around your neck twice for a choker. I know this may sound familiar… but I’m just a huge fan of all things versatile, what can I say?

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Made isn’t just about beautiful things. It’s about beautiful things coming out of things that don’t seem so beautiful. Stacy is also the founder of something called Out of the Clay, which you can read more about here. It’s a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower those who are hurting by encouraging them to create. This is near and dear to my heart, because in some of my darkest hours of depression, God was able to speak to my soul sometimes only through creation of music or art. I think the Lord is amazing that way.

Here’s what founder, Stacy, has to say about Made as well as Out of the Clay on her webiste: “For me, made. has been the greatest catalyst out of years of depression, self harm, and self loathing. Everything from using my hands to my process for making jewelry has become this beautiful analogy of how Christ pulls us out of the miry clay. If stones that have been buried since creation can now be found and cleaned and turned into something for others, how much greater is His plan for me?! For us! This is the idea that I hope resonates throughout Out of the Clay.”

That about says it all, folks. I for one am a huge fan of what’s happening over at Made, and if you are to, hop on over to the site and learn more/find yourself a sweet lil’ treat yo self gift!

I love you guys!

‘Til next time,


all shots by Caylie from the sweet sweet Soul Palette Blog, all shot on iPhone 7 Plus!