"My Jesus is Sweeter"

“My Jesus is Sweeter”
Claire Prather

He never said it was easy;
Not once did he claim
Life will be sunny and breezy
With no chance of rain.

He didn’t promise me happy,
He promised me pain.
This world will treat me badly,
But heaven I’ll gain.

They’ll mock me and curse me,
Shove me on the ground,
Lie and desert me,
Kick me when I’m down.

Yet my eyes do not water
For the me that they mock;
My tears are for others,
Those who’s pain will not stop.

See, I know where I’m going
When the sun sets on me;
What hurts is the knowing
That they won’t be free.

The suffering this world brings
Can never compare
To the eternal sting
They’ll feel when they’re there.

I won’t sit and be silent
As they keep passing by,
Faces stained with defiance,
But minds wondering why.

We’re all searching for somewhere
To place all of our hope,
To erase our despair,
Or help us to cope.

And what if I had the quencher
Of this age old thirst,
But I did not venture
To save you from the worst?

So I’ll risk the goodbyes
For your eternal joy;
The rolling of eyes
For the chance you’ll rejoice.

Laugh if you must,
And call me insane;
But in Jesus I trust,
And in Him I remain.

I’ll stand a believer
For the rest of my hours,
Because my Jesus is sweeter
Than all this world’s flowers.