my thoughts on the ALS ice bucket challenge

Oh hello again, it’s been a while. Yesterday I filmed myself getting a bucket of ice water dumped on my head, and I’m sure this sounds strange to absolutely none of you, because chances are you’ve already done the same. I, my sweet friends, am talking about the ALS ice bucket challenge! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a little video challenge going around social media where the person who was challenged donates 100 dollars towards ALS research, or gets a bucket of ice water dumped on their heads. This was the original plan, but it has turn into people both donating and dumping water on their heads, which I find absolutely wonderful and entertaining. The incredible part about it is, although not everyone is donating, everyone is hearing about it. This thing has turned the internet upside down the past week or so, and raised gobbles of money for research of an uncommon and underfunded disease in the process. ALS is an especially passionate subject on my part, both because my father has done research himself for this disease (before his research stopped getting funded), and multiple family friends of ours have died from this horrific disease. I think this wave of awareness is a beautiful and much needed trend.

That being said, a lot of people are saying that the videos are annoying, or people are just doing it to look like a good person or jump on the band wagon. I’ve even heard people say “it’s not like any of you hypocrites are actually donating.” Things like this make me very sad, because let’s be honest, maybe some people are doing it just to look good, or doing it because everyone else is, but regardless of their reasoning, everyone is doing it. Everyone is hearing about it. So whether they donate or not, they are raising awareness and spreading the word to people who will donate. And as far as the whole “the videos are so annoying” situation… I could say the same thing about any trend, but this one is actually helping people. Why does something as harmless as people getting water dumped on them get on your nerves so much? But if it really is just too much to handle, you can always not check your instagram for a few days. It will blow over like anything else, but the important thing is people are hearing about it and people are donating. So if you must complain about something, complain about selfie sunday, not a harmless video trend that is doing some good in the world. I encourage you all to jump on the band wagon and challenge your friends! Michelle Obama only has one hour left…

I love you all and I hope you have the most beautiful of days!

With love,