Pieces of Sunlight: Darcie Nicholson

Hello all of you wonderful humans. I’m going to do something a little different for this post, and I’m so excited to share it with you! I’m going to start doing monthly posts highlighting/interviewing someone awesome called “Pieces of Sunlight.” My goal with In Search of Sunlight is to make people feel empowered and know that they have inside of them the power to absolutely change the world we live in, so I thought it might be fun to showcase some people who are doing just that. With Pieces of Sunlight, I’m hoping to honor people who are doing incredible things for Jesus, while also inspiring others to do the same.
This month, for the very very first segment on Pieces of Sunlight, we are going to hear from Darcie Nocholson. As I referenced in this post, she is the founder of Go Rings, which is a company whose soul purpose is to help people fundraise for difference-making trips. If you’ve ever been on a mission trip or anything like it, you know that fundraising is the absolute hardest part. Darcie, and co-owner, Dru, know that too, and they are doing something about it. Darcie started making Go Rings to fundraise for her trip on the World Race, and long story short, she fundraised 100% of her trip by selling these rings, and they KEPT selling. Now, they partner with people going on trips all across the land and help them fundraise. And this month, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to partner with them for my trip to Africa this summer. I mean how awesome is that?
I’ll let her tell you the rest. Here’s a little interview with the woman herself.

1) In Search of Sunlight: What is the mission behind Go Rings?
Darcie: The mission behind Go Rings comes from Matthew 28:19: Therefore go and make disciples of all nations. It’s also where our name comes from! Financially equipping those who are living out the Great Commission is what we’re all about.

2) ISS: Would you mind sharing the personal story behind how this company got started?
D: When I was a college senior intimidated by the thought of raising $16,000 for The World Race, I talked to a missionary from my church in Fort Worth. She told me that “people like to give when they get.” I got to thinking about what item I would be compelled to buy if I were contributing to somebody’s fundraising goal. I was on a ring kick at the time! The next weekend I went to the craft store, bought some wire, prayed for a little creativity anddddd now we sell rings. I tried to imitate a simple, knotted ring I bought on Etsy. I totally failed at making that ring, but really ended up liking the product that came out, which gained symbolism — the 11 bands stand for the 11 countries I went to on the trip, and the 7 bindings on the back stood for the 7 teammates I had.


3) ISS: Where exactly did you travel to on the Word Race, and do you have any remarkable stories to share from your experience?
D: I went to Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, The Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Zambia and Malawi. My favorite was definitely Vietnam because of the awesome friends I made there. The hardest was Cambodia.
I have WAY too many stories to pick one! But I kept a good blog up while traveling. Here’s the link to it. Here’s my most popular post.

4) ISS: What advice would you give someone considering full-time missions in another country?
D: If you’re called, you’re called. And you know it, too. Please don’t go into full-time missions unless you’re 200% sure it’s what God has for you. It’s hard, but it’s insanely good.

5) ISS: What would you tell someone who feels led to go overseas, but is intimidated by fundraising?
D: I’ve been there too! Fundraising is no joke.
First thing: PRAY. Pray for creativity, pray for the money, pray for peoples’ hearts to turn toward your mission. Pray like crazy. If you’re not talking to God about it, you’re fooling yourself into thinking you can do this alone. That’s foolish. Also, listen to what He says. Then do it!
Here’s the second thing: people love you. They want to see you fulfill the plans the Lord has for you. Find out how to get people on board with you. It may take some creativity and sweat equity, but it’s more than possible.
Last thing – don’t let money stop you! Yes, it’s intimidating. But yes, it’s worth it. When I was frozen by the fear of fundraising I felt like God was telling me “Don’t let money stop you. The money will come and we’ll laugh about it later.” It’s almost 5 years later and I’ve been laughing about it for a while.


6) ISS: What is the coolest thing God has show you through your experience thus far with Go Rings?
D: That there is literally zero way I could have done this with my own mind. Nooooo way. Sometimes it’s easy for me and Dru to get ahead of ourselves, worry about things, or feel like we did this alone. None of those things is true!
Go Rings is 100% His.
Sure, legally, Dru and I own it. But. Knowing that Go Rings is way beyond anything we could build ourselves is comforting. It makes me excited for what’s ahead!

Thank you so much, Darcie!

I hope you guys enjoyed! If you like the idea of Pieces of Sunlight, let me know in the comment section down below. And by the way, it’s the very last day to buy a Go Ring to support my mission trip to Africa, which you can hear all about in this post. If you want to help, go to gorings.us, pick yourself out something beautiful, and select my name at checkout for 30% of the proceeds to go towards my trip!
You guys are awesome. I hope today you can rest in the love of Jesus. Take time away from cramming for finals (yikes. I should start hitting the books…) to just sit in His presence. I promise, you will feel so rejuvenated and filled to the brim. Good luck to you all. Go out and make a difference, you lovely pieces of sunlight.
With love,
All Go Rings photos accredited to the lovely Leeann Funk.