Pre-Blessed Food

Before reading this blog, I suggest you watch the link above.

If you didn’t actually watch it, have no fear, Claire is here. So this is a Julian Smith video called Pre Blessed Food. Julian Smith is and forever will be my favorite Youtuber because he’s just altogether fabulous. He always makes me laugh out loud. But this video caught my attention for a different reason. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but basically it’s a fake add about a company that pre-blesses your food before they sell it to you and also throws in a couple of tickets to heaven. It’s a funny video, yes, but it’s also kind of sad. It’s sad because I think in a lot of ways it portrays Christianity today. I mean, obviously people aren’t going to buy pre-blessed food from Walmart, but don’t we, in a lot of ways, just do “religious” things because we feel like we have to do them? If we could, would we let someone else go to church for us or let someone else say our prayers if we got the credit for it?

When I was a kid, my parents used to make my brothers and I take turns saying the prayer every night before we ate dinner. We quickly fell into the routine of the same prayer, each of ours unique, but basically the same. Here’s mine- “Dear God, thank you for me and mom and dad and Cliff and Collin. Thank you for this food, and help us to have a good rest of the night. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.” Maybe if I was feeling crazier than usual I would throw in a “thanks it’s Friday” or “help me to be safe on my trip tomorrow,” but it was basically the same thing. I said it because I had to, not because I wanted to. If I could have bought pre-blessed food, I might have actually done it. It wasn’t until God became really real to me that I realized what I was doing. The same God that we cry out to when we’re so upset and no one else will listen to us, the God we beg for mercy, the God that we sing to at church camp and hear about on Sunday and read about in the Bible, that’s the same God we’re praying to while we’re sitting, hands-folded at the table, one eye squinted so we can pick out the piece of chicken we’re going to grab when we say “amen.”
Being able to talk to The Lord is something we should do constantly… (Pray without ceasing) but it is not something we should do out of routine. It is such a privilege to be able to talk directly to The Lord… And it’s something people couldn’t even do before Jesus came. They had to make sacrifices to get forgiveness for their sins and go through a priest to even communicate with The Lord… And here we are with the ability to communicate with Him all we want and taking that for granted. This is a random little blog that I just wanted to share with all of you who might be a little set in your routines like I know I am. My challenge for you is to make every prayer you pray today count, and don’t take this wonderful communication we have with Jesus for granted.
I love you all, and I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!
With love,