Purchase With Purpose: Why You Should Be An Ethical Shopper

Hello lovely! I hope you are having a great week. Thank you for all of you who reached out to me after reading my previous post. Know I am so thankful for the love and encouragement! Today I’m going to talk to you sweet people about the wonders of ethical shopping. It really is a beautiful thing.

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This Spiritual Gangster wrap top and JOYN handbag are both from a sweet, beautiful store in Bentonville called Remedy Road, which is dedicated to selling brands that are making a positive impact out there in the world. What a beautiful thing. Here are a few reasons I’ve compiled as to why you should think twice about the clothes you buy!


1. Your Purchase Can Literally Change Someone’s Life

It’s true! There are so many companies dedicated to the betterment of others. For example, Remedy Road here in Fayetteville has made it its mission to making sure that every brand (over 50!) in the store are doing something good somewhere. The bag I’m carrying in the photos is the brand JOYN, whose mission is to empower women in India. Every bag is handmade, and it even comes with a little tag signed by the people who made the bag. This is a little excerpt from their website: “At JOYN, we’re all about empowerment.  So we scale our manufacturing by identifying and cultivating local entrepreneurs, supporting them in starting or growing their own businesses of spinning, weaving, block printing or stitching, so they can help their own communities rise out of poverty. Purposeful inefficiency works.” Isn’t it wonderful to know a purchase you’ve made is literally contributing to a person’s ascent out of poverty? And guys, this is just one brand. There are so many just like it! There are some incredible people in this world who want to make it a better place, and knowing you can have a personal hand in that really is something special.

2. Sweatshops Exist… And They Are Heartbreaking

It’s easy to shop in pretty stores try on beautiful items without thinking about the realities of the people that made the clothing. I mean, you don’t see Target commercials with shots of illegal child labor. You don’t know unless you research it, but when you research it, your findings will haunt you. The conditions many people overseas have to work in are absolutely shutter-worthy. These workers, sometimes including children, are forced to work long, grueling hours in terrible conditions. If their work is sub-par, they are beaten. Often times women are raped routinely by their staff members. I know. It’s horrifying. But it’s happening. Even places like Gap, Walmart, and Victoria’s Secret have been caught in the sweat shop web. But you can change it! If our generation starts refusing to buy these repulsively produced products, we can make a difference. It starts with one. And it starts with YOU!

3. It Starts With You

Until recently, I was the person who thought all of this good, world-changing stuff was up to other people, but I wasn’t worthy of something that incredible. I couldn’t possibly be an instrument of love that would help someone rise above poverty or injustice. And I know what you’re thinking, “Claire, buying a shirt isn’t changing the world.” But it is. It truly, truly is. Because if I don’t, and if you don’t, who will? You really can change the world. It starts with one person standing up for good to start a domino effect, and you, my little wonderful pieces of sunlight, are absolutely worthy of being that person.

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I’m not writing this to make you feel bad or to make you feel like you have to go spend a ton of money on ethical brands. I’m writing this to make you aware that literally everything you do matters to this world. Everything! You are so significant, and everything you do is has an impact on something or someone. It’s up to you what kind of impact you make. You are capable of so much greatness and so much positive change. So be encouraged, my friends! You absolutely matter.


With love,