Relationships and Lack Thereof

Wait for The Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for The Lord. Psalm 27:14

Hello loves! Last time I wrote I was on my way to Bradenton, Florida for a mission trip, and now I am on my way to Panama City, Florida for a beach trip with my best friend’s family. I was home for a solid day In between trips, and it was glorious. I am however extremely excited about this endeavor, considering we didn’t leave home until 8:30 PM and almost lost all of our stuff on the highway. Minor set back… major memory, right?

I’ve been thinking a lot about relationships and the purpose for them and how God fits into it all… And I’ve discovered a few things I would like to share. I’ve been single for a year now, and I know I am only a junior in high school and I have plenty of time blah blah blah… But let’s be honest, every 16 year old girl wants a guy to sweep her off her feet and carry her into the sunset of forever. Something I have learned about God though is He always gives you exactly what you need, and gives you your desires when they fit into His plan and His timing. The one thing I have absolutely needed this year more than anything is Jesus, and let me tell you He is sufficient! That being said, there have been times where I’ve really wanted what other seemingly happy couples had, and that’s when I would get discouraged. Why did God allow them a great relationship and not me? Wasn’t I ready? These questions are pointless to ask ourselves, because God ultimately is in control, and only He knows the answers. It’s when we are in these weak moments that the devil tries to play with our heads and convince us that we can make God’s life a little easier and get what we want by ourselves. This is an ugly ugly place to be. When we start to look to ourselves, we stop looking at Jesus. This is something I am so very grateful that God had made me aware of before this year, and I did not make the mistake of taking matters into my own hands again. God knows everything. He knows where we will be and right where we are, and He knows a lot better than we do who will be beneficial for us and who will be detrimental. The only job we have is waiting on Him.
That being said, we as women need to learn to be pursued, and not to pursue. Yes, The Lord is in control of our relationships, but if God has put a man in your life that you want to be with, a bulletproof way to be sure of that is God will tell him the same thing. God has designed the man to be the leader in the relationship, and if he isn’t the leader in establishing it how can he be a leader after it starts? Someone once told me that your boyfriend (husband also) should always be one step ahead of you spiritually. He is the one who should be leading you towards Christ, not away from Him. I am begging you all to trust me on this one, speaking from experience, it sucks when the guy you are with is leading you in the opposite direction of Christ. So please, do not let a guy who isn’t completely in love with Jesus waltz his way into your life! Be smart, pray, and God will bring him into your life in His perfect timing. In the meantime, run hard towards Jesus and don’t let petty things like this district you! The Lord knows I have, and it was a complete waste of time. If you are 100% satisfied and found in The Lord, boyfriend or no boyfriend, husband or no husband, you will be completely overwhelmed with joy in Him. I am brought to tears every time I think about how far God has brought me, and I am so thankful for the joy that I have in Him! I pray that all of you find your joy in Him as well. It truly is a beautiful life when you live it in the arms of the one who made you and knows you the very best of all.

With love,