Rompers and Insta-Comparison

Hey gals and pals. I’m back at college and ready to get back into the swing of things. Summer is a weirdly awesome time to pretend like you don’t have any responsibilities. But here I am, up at midnight with a class in seven hours, completely and totally responsible. Haha…ha.

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Similar romper here, shoes here, similar glasses here

I am absolutely loving both of these new additions to my closet lately! This romper is so easy to throw on for day-to-day wear, but also easy to pair with heels for fancy date nights and the ridiculous amount of birthday dinners that are happening this month. It’s technically Banana Republic, I got it at a resale store I work at in Little Rock called Clothes Mentor, (confession: most of the things I’ve posted have been resale. I’m just about it.) but it’s no longer online, so I linked to a super cute similar romper from Lulu’s.

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These shoes are from the cutest little boutique called Cleo Madison. All of their items are super adorable and modest. Their midi dress section is on point, and these booties are literally the most diverse pair of shoes I own. They’re the perfect transitional piece, because they have these cutouts that add a little summer to these fall/winter booties. Perfect with shorts, dresser, or jeans and a sweater. And wouldn’t these be so cute with some wool socks? The best part is, they’re on sale. Thanks Cleo!

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Before I go, I just wanted to pop in today and tell you that you are so valuable and loved. I moved back to Fayetteville, my college destination, this week, and I’ve been been juggling a lot of feelings: excitement, happiness, and contentment, mixed with anxiety, fear, and loneliness. Weird. But I think a lot of us can say we are there while starting at a new school or coming back to a familiar place after being gone for a little while. A big, big, BIG thing that I see a lot of friends and loved ones (and believe me, I am right there with ya) dealing with is comparison. We compare ourselves to everyone and everything. It’s so crazy and we know we shouldn’t, but we just do. It’s almost some sort of default mode social media and modern day culture teaches us to do. This week I’ve really been thinking a lot about the way Instagram (or Facebook or twitter or whatever your app of choice is…) makes us feel about ourselves. I think at it’s best, social media can be a really amazing tool for reaching out, touching people, getting to know people, and even actually helping people. But, at it’s worst, I think social media can be absolutely detrimental to people’s self esteem. I’ve talked about this a little bit before in this post  (Comparison: The Thief of Joy) and this post (The Ugly Lie), but it’s just something that has really been getting to me this week. I just want to say, if you struggle with comparison and a huge way that is intensified for you is through social media, delete the app. I had to do it last week. Heck, delete the account if you have to. No amount of likes, no amount of followers, no amount of any digital thing is ever going to make you feel as valuable as you deserve to feel. And it may make you feel really really unimportant. You are worth so much more than comparing yourself to someone else’s photoshopped life makes you feel. You are loved. You are so unique in who YOU are. Don’t let your mind and insta-creeping tell you any different. That’s all. Have the most wonderful Friday.

With love,


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oh yeah, shoutout to the best housemate and friend, Ann Marie, for the lovely photos. You are radiant. (This is our backyard, people!)