Spring Break Beach Trip

Hello hello! I’m back and better than ever. Spring Break is God’s gift to college students, and boy am I thankful. This week nine wonderful ladies and I went to spend the week at the beach, and it was wonderful. I got a steroid shot the day before we left for the beach because I was determined to go and not have the flu. Hallelujah thank you Jesus for modern medicine. Here’s a little video of the trip!

As you can see, lots of dancing, laughing, and eating happened this week. It was one of the most relaxing trips ever, and I am so glad I got to bond with these lovely ladies this week! I successfully spent $50 on duck, got burnt to a crisp, and stained my roommates dress. Also, I made precious memories with precious people that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

While there were a lot of highlights, my favorite part of this week was probably the ten hour car ride there and back. I know, what the heck, Claire? But honestly, just like Julia said at the beginning of the video, it truly is all about the journey. I’ve learned lately that life is all about the moments you don’t think are noteworthy. It’s about the little conversations you have with people when you’re stuck in the car with them and the trips to the grocery store for Aloe Vera and deodorant that you forgot to bring, despite packing your whole closet. Yes, I loved the memories I made on this trip. But I think the things that mattered the most this week are the things I don’t have pictures of. These are the things that will stick with me:

Maddie spent an hour on white sauce because she didn’t want spaghetti, but admitted to us all at the table “This really isn’t that good.”

Julia and I started the most random Netflix original series “Santa Clarita Diet” and despite almost hurling during the first episode, we watched it every night.

All ten of us spoke in this strange accent that no one but Mackenzie could do well. (You’ll hear it at the end of the video)

Lauren and Mackenzie will always be known as the “Bootyslayaz” because of this trip.

It truly is the little things. They’re unforgettable. This week, I want to encourage you to look at the little things and love them. You don’t remember the pictures you took, you remember the memories attached to them. You remember the weird tanlines and burnt popcorn. Soak it in. Bask in it.

With love,


P.S. If you follow me on instagram, you’ve definitely seen enough pictures from the trip, but if you’re interested, here are some of my favorites!