The Set

Hello hello everyone! Anyone else loving two piece sets? This is a trend I love for so many reasons. It’s great because unlike a romper, the shirt and shorts can be styled in so many different ways. Check out this lovely little thing from Steamroller Blues!



top here, bottoms here (also available at Steamroller Blues!) shoes here, similar necklace here



I’m a big fan of all things plaid, and I’m loving this simple pattern. Ash & Ember, how do you do it?



I just want to share with you all, since we are close, that this house we shot in front of is abandoned and monitored by an unhappy man. We snuck in to take these photos, but then ran for our lives when he drove up by the house. Yes, I may have gotten a few scrapes on my legs. But do I regret it? Definitely not.


Woop Woop. Oh, and as you may have noticed, I’m adding a little extra digital goodness to the blog. Who knows, maybe soon I’ll be vlogging? Hehe. Shoutout to all of you who saw my painful room tour from sophomore year of high school. I’ll never live it down, no sir I won’t. Let me know how ya feel about the video in the comments or on Instagram! And a special thanks to Aubrey Vassberg and Mattie Caranza for these glorious photos/video clips!

With love,