Top 5 Swimsuit Stops

Anybody else literally counting down the days until spring break? Eckhem 12 more days… I’m going to the beach and have been searching and searching the interweb for some swimmy inspiration, and I thought I would share my favorite finds with you wonderful people! Here are my top five favorite online swimsuit shops.

1. Modcloth

Modcloth is a beautiful beacon of hope in the land of trying to find unique swimsuits. This place has the cutest, most individualized swimsuits in the GAME. Just take a peak below.


first here, second here, third here

2. Anthropologie

I’m pretty sure I’ve never not loved something I’ve seen at Anthropologie. When a store can make potted pans look adorable, you better believe their swimsuits are going to be irresistible. Here are a few of my favorites.


first here, second here, third here

3. Kortni Jeane

Throwback to my entire post dedicated to Kortni Jeane swimsuits. I’m obsessed, okay?


first here and here, last here, and YES they have kiddie sizes!!

4. Aerie

These swimsuits are adorable and so affordable. The quality for the price baffles me. Also, go #AerieReal!!


top here, second here, bottom here

5. Albion Fit

Last, but definitely not least. Albion Fit. The prints, the cuts, the everything. Get in my Spring Break suit case… please and thank you!

cobalt_peplum_web_1_grande.jpgcitrus_collection_-_Daytripper_-_island_hopper_-_web2_grande (1).jpg


top here, second here, bottom here

I hope you all enjoyed it! Hopefully you take my tips to heart and find a perfect suit for Spring Break/summer ventures. See you guys Friday!

With love,