Where to Buy Modest Swimwear

Hi lovies! If you’ve read one of my previous blogs called Revealing our Dignity, you know that I’ve decided to wear modest swimsuits this summer. (If you haven’t read it, here’s a link for you clickme ) Anyways, that was a few months ago, and since I wrote that some girls have told me they’d love to do that but one pieces are so expensive or so ugly or both. I am writing this to give you hope, dear ones! Yes, I will admit it was a serious struggle finding modest swimsuits that were both affordable and cute, but after lots of hard work and hours of online shopping, I have succeeded. I’m just going to show you guys what I’ve bought and tell you where I’ve bought them incase you, like I did, feel like there’s just no hope for fashion in modest swimwear.

And now, enjoy some pretty bathing suits.


(In action)


I got this cute little white one piece from JC Penny’s on sale for 45 bucks. It was originally 90. (I know, go me.) it’s ana brand, and there were tons of other cute ones this brand as well!


This one is actually mix and matched… The top is from penny’s and I got a black one that’s the same style also for when I’m feeling classy ya feel me? The top was 15. The bottoms are from Urban and they were 40.


(In action)


The top and bottoms of this are from pacsun. The bottoms were 20 and the top was 15 (I’m pretty sure…) I got the bottoms from an outlet store and the top online!


This little pink number is from Target and it was 40 bucks. I pretty much love this one yeah20140527-213419.jpg

So this one is probably my favorite even though it’s a little bit baby-sized and I had to send it back for a medium. (Still waiting on that by the way and it’s been a whole month but hey it’s whatever!!!) this is from urban and it was 69 bucks, and I know that’s kind of pricey but I loved it so much I was like hey YOLO. But then it was too small… That’s the only issue with shopping online.

Well, that’s it my gals. I know that it’s a lot harder to find these and they are maybe a little bit more expensive, but I think it was worth an extra shift here and there to be able to have options this summer that A) made me feel stylish, but also B) didn’t make me feel like every part of my body was on display. It’s possible, I promise! Best of luck to you all.

p.s. please notice how clean my room is in not just one but all of these pictures. I amaze myself sometimes, truly.

With love,